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Social Networking

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Social Networking Site - A social networking site is a web site specifically focused on the building and verifying of social networks for whatever purpose. Many social networking services are also blog hosting services. As of 2005, there are over three hundred known social networking web sites


Social Networking Video


Social Networking Safety Tips for Teens

  • Never make a profile public if you have an option to keep it private. If you have to make a profile public, use fictitious information (such as the historical figures)
  • Never post local images or information that identify where you live, such as a school name or famous landmark.
  • Never answer a post from someone you do not know or can't identify.
  • Create a "members only" site. Most social networks have this option
  • Be mindful of how you represent yourself. With tools like the Way Back Machine in the Internet Archives, it is possible for people to read information posted years ago that is no longer live on the internet.

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