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Internet Safety in the Classroom

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Welcome to Internet Safety


The Internet plays an important role in our schools and community and we need to teach our students how to behave safely and responsibly when using this powerful tool of information. This wiki will provide you with resources and activities to use in your classroom to address some of the Internet issues of today.


Digital Footprints

Online Quiz

Internet Safety 101 - Quiz


This resource will provide information on current issues on our student's living in this Cyber community:



Students today are using acronyms and abbreviations for their language.  How many text abbreviations can you identify from the worksheet? Below are some resources to help you with your answers:






LEETSpeak, also known as hakspeak, is a type of online language where users replace letters for numbers and other symbols.  For example, leet in leetspeak would become 1337.  Check out this leetspeak translator





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